For the Love of Wes Anderson

Source: Pinterest.

Is there anything more wonderful than the fictional worlds created by film genius Wes Anderson? Each of his films frames a new and exciting vignette of what can only be described as the nonsensical, immaculately detailed and chaotic imagination-vault of this creative filmmaker. Perhaps my favorite part of his films (not to diminish his curious and deadpan-dramatic plot lines) is the timelessness of his set design. His films take place in a transcendent atmosphere – not blatantly period-specific, yet not quite place-able in the present, either. The grandiose, sprawling foyer and lavish rooms of The Grand Budapest Hotel speak to a bygone era, yet the modern simplicity and sleek, always-clean lines of his work parlays his scenes into the contemporary.  Moonrise Kingdom reminds us of the carefree time and space of adolescence, where the smallest of moments become events of great dramatic consequence, and “running away” was the most thrilling thought we could fit into our tiny child brains. And how is it that every. single. Wes Anderson. color scheme. hits the nail on the head. (I have included a collection of color palettes from some of Wes Anderson’s most popular films below that illustrate my point quite nicely.)

The interior architectural details gracing Anderson’s screenplays remind me of the interior design style of one of my favorite architects, Frank Lloyd Wright. Below, Anderson’s interior features natural materials and colors such as warm wood paneling and punchy, yet muted earth tones with a retro twist. His seating and furniture elements have low, spread-out centers of gravity, giving a mid-century feel.

A Frank Lloyd Wright chair featuring a similar low center of gravity, and warm wood tones.

Source: Wikimedia.

Oh, delicious colors of muted oranges and blues, please hop inside my Photoshop swatches panel, pretty please! (But for real, has no-one thought of creating a Wes Anderson-specific collection of swatches for Adobe Photoshop and/or Lightroom? Whatever, I’m on it.)

Source: Pinterest.

Source: Pinterest.

Source: Pinterest.

Triangles, triangles, triangles. This minimal book cover design makes me hear the singing of a thousand angels inside my head.

Source: Pinterest.

If (like me) you simply cannot get enough Wes Anderson in your life, good news! The director has paired up with fashion label, Prada, to co-design a cafe in Milan, called Bar Luce. Read more about it here. If a plane ticket to Italy seems a little out of your monthly budget, you can get this delightful book about The Grand Budapest Hotel at Urban Outfitters.


So…who wants to purchase me this book for my coffee table?

I will leave you with this hilarious infographic.




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