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How to create custom swatches in Adobe Photoshop + my free Wes Anderson-inspired swatch download

Now before you thank me, I know – and you’re welcome. I introduce to you: my one-of-a-kind Wes Anderson inspired color palette for Adobe Photoshop! Now available for the one-time price of… absolutely nothing except your eternal gratitude. So I found a fatal flaw in the world the other day: the distinct and disappointing unavailability … Continue reading


Illustrator Crush: Rik Lee + Following people who inspire you

I have followed Rik Lee for quite a while now. During my early days on Instagram, I came across his work while looking for inspirational people to follow. Since then, his work has grown to fill a soft spot in my heart. There’s something about his illustrations that balances perfectly between meticulously detailed and deliciously minimal. It’s that … Continue reading