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Hey, Hi, Hello.

I’m nearing the start of my second year in grad school, and I just moved into a brand spankin’ new studio, so I thought I’d share some of it with you all. The perks of being a second-year is that you get to move into all the studios that the graduates left behind. Moving on up the totem pole, baby!

So please, step inside my office studio…

Key Items:

Moveable workbench

Coffee bean grinder & french press. Because coffee  >  ____.

Plenty of natural light

Couch for napping. Psychedelic print optional.

The photobook above is by LA-based photographer Pamela Littky, who took a break from photographing famous people to shoot a very compelling series on two towns in California and Nevada that serve as gateways to Death Valley (my love affair with the desert continues.) And that gorgeous glass cup on the lower left was made by my friend Caroline, who blows glass over in Oakland. Those “spots” in the glass are made from special “frits” that are mixed into the process, as Caroline informed me, and they are actually iridescent in the light. Check out more of her glasswork over at her website, and if you’re not so into glass she also happens to be a wicked talented painter, too.

Whoever was in this studio before me left this charming little blue whirlpool guy in the window, so my eye has a mate to chill with.

Here’s hoping my plant doesn’t die on me this time…I have the blackest of thumbs.

Until next time.



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