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How to create custom swatches in Adobe Photoshop + my free Wes Anderson-inspired swatch download

Now before you thank me, I know – and you’re welcome. I introduce to you: my one-of-a-kind Wes Anderson inspired color palette for Adobe Photoshop! Now available for the one-time price of… absolutely nothing except your eternal gratitude.

So I found a fatal flaw in the world the other day: the distinct and disappointing unavailability of Wes Anderson-hued color palettes available to the masses, ready-made and pre-loaded into your Photoshop swatches panel. Luckily for everyone, I have fixed this problem. And I am here today to tell you how you can, too.

How to save your own custom color swatches from images in Adobe Photoshop


Open Adobe Photoshop and either drag and drop or file > open to open your image in Photoshop. Make sure you can see the swatches panel clearly in your window.


Select the eyedropper tool in the tool panel on the left (you may have to right-click to select it if it is hiding behind the color dropper or ruler tool.)


Click anywhere on your image where you want to select the color. The color you have picked will show up in the foreground color box in the bottom of the tool panel.


Click on the color you selected in the foreground color box and it will bring up the color picker dialog box on your screen, where you can adjust the color for opacity and tint, etc. You can move the selector circle around in the square on the left to change how dark or light you want to make the color, and move the slider up and down the middle column to change the color, entirely.


When you are satisfied with your color selection, click the “Add to Swatches” button, and name your color (this is a fun part. I must admit I’ve considered a career in nail polish color naming… yes there are people who do this for a living.)


Hit “OK” and cancel out of the color picker dialog box if it re-appears, then you should see your new color appear at the bottom of your swatches panel. If you hover your mouse over the swatch, or change the view to list format, you can see what you named it. Continue picking colors from source images until you have enough colors in your palette, then reap the benefits and create something with your lovely new colors.

Bam. There you have it.

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You can download my custom swatch palette for Adobe Photoshop by clicking on the folder below.


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