Sundays are for trips to the farmer’s market…

…and not a whole lot else. Netflix, brunch and breakfast in bed are all other Sunday activities that I’ll allow.

I still vividly remember a wedge of heirloom tomato I sampled from the farmer’s market one time, and I could probably dedicate the better part of a short novel to the range of flavors I experienced as I chomped into that delightful sliver of fruit. (When I am up early enough to go) I am a farmer’s market devotee. You seriously can’t beat the fresh produce on offer at a fraction of the price of most supermarkets. Besides, walking away from those stalls with armfuls of green and leafy things just makes me feel like an accomplished adult who knows how to feed herself. Some of my farmer’s market favorites are the bunches of fresh herbs, and fresh flowers – because sometimes you just have to treat yourself. Here are some snaps from this weekend’s market in Fort Mason.

I hope everyone else had the perfect lazy Sunday.


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