Bits & Bobs

Hey there.

Does anyone remember those computer classes from primary school where you learned how to “type on the computer” but then just spent most of your time in class drawing things in MS Paint? OK well I definitely still do that. When I have a few minutes I like to pull up a blank document on Photoshop and just draw whatever comes to my mind. Sometimes it starts with a thread of an idea, sometimes not. It is excellent stress relief (kind of like those coloring books for adults they’re making these days) and I never feel pressured to “finish” something because it’s not for anyone but me. I also have a little pocket sketchbook I can pull out when I’m on the go that I use to draw mandalas or fill pages with outwardly expanding illustrations that clear my mind – kind of how some people practice yoga or meditation (lol, I could never sit still for that long.)

Anyway, here is some recent stuff. I’m currently into cacti – can you tell?

If anyone has any spectacular de-stressing activity they like to partake in, please do share.



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