A day on the Bay in Sausalito

As summer nears to an end and Labor Day Weekend is upon us, the thought of a warm weekend away clouds our minds with increasingly frequent urgency. How can we soak up every last morsel of sunny day left to appreciate before the leaves start to fall and we retreat indoors under our blankets and chunky knits?

Fortunately the weather is pretty temperate here and we have this great thing called an Indian Summer, so my mother came into town last weekend and we all went over to Sausalito on the ferry for a day. I won’t write too much because the pictures do most of the talking, but I will say a few things.

The boat ride over was certainly a highlight, so if you can make friends with someone who owns a sailboat or similar, I do recommend. I’m still working on this.

If you go to Sausalito, it can be a little touristy right around the ferry dock area. I highly suggest walking north of this area to where more of the locals hang out. We found an excellent francophile brunch spot called Le Garage where they serve brunch until 2pm accompanied by champagne, and then we strolled along the marina to Bar Bocce, where we sat on the little beach out the back and enjoyed a pitcher of white sangria. There are few things I love more than white sangria paired with good company and a body of water. It is a tried and true formula.

I also have a quick and gushy word on mothers to share with you all.

As I grow older I cherish the time I get to spend with my mother more and more. It only took about 20 odd years – a lot of them belonging to an angst-fueled teenaged version of myself who did everything she could to try and differentiate herself – but I can honestly call my mother one of my very best friends, as well as the woman who raised me. As I sit with her enjoying a bottle of wine or visiting over a meal, I come to realize how her habits have grown to also express themselves in me, and yet how different our paths have been, growing her and I into two very different people. This is how I feel about both my parents. I admire their tenacity and resilience, and certainly the sort of come-what-may lifestyle they manage to sustain. They are and always have been the number one fans in my fan club – even when my latest and greatest achievement is just keeping a houseplant alive for an entire year. I am loving getting to know them as people who are not simply my parents, but also as individuals who have lived through many different stages of life – and I look forward to every opportunity to do so, hereafter. I wish the same for you all – that you may be able to forge growing and dynamic friendships with your parents as you both grow up and grow older.

Well that is my two cents’ worth. I hope everyone has a phenomenal Labor Day weekend getting their fill of the last sunshine that summer has to offer.



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