14 fine art prints you need. Like, yesterday.

If you still sometimes eat fruit loops or noodles for dinner because you haven’t been to the grocery store in about a week, chances are you’re also the kind of person who wants affordable art for your walls. I’ve got your back. Here are 14 fine art prints and posters under $60, so you can feel fancy without being a spendthrift.

Botanical charts, so hot right now. Botanical charts.

Dog Rose Botanical Poster: The Evolution Store / $219

The botanical poster above is a bit of a bank-breaker, but I found this excellent substitute from Rifle Paper Co. at a fraction of the cost, below.

Herbs and Spices Charcoal Art Print: Rifle Paper Co. / $60

Dissection of the Triangular Prism into 3 pyramids of equal volume art print: Society6 / Starting from $19

Starlines 01. art print by Three of the Possessed: Society6 / Starting from $17.68

Phases of the moon art print by Sara Eshak: Society6 / Starting from $18.72

NEVER art print by wasted rita: Society6 / Starting from $19

Matthew Bowers Print 1, Fort Funston: Little Paper Planes Shop / $40

Oceanica Art Print by Anna Deegan: Society6 / Starting from $16

Brutalized Gainsborough 2 art print by Chad Wys: Society6 / Starting from $20

Into the Wild art print by Sammy Slabbinck: Society6 / Starting from $24.99

Make Art Not War art poster print Sheppard Fairey: Amazon / $22.11

Danmala #581 Print: Urban Outfitters / $39.99

Half 2 art print by Rui Ribeiro: Society6 / Starting from $15.60

Spring Skiing art print by Sarah Eisenlohr: Society6 / Starting from $18

Go forth and fill your home with affordable art prints. Finally put up that gallery wall, or simply pin or tape some prints around your home as needed. If you want to frame some of your prints, check the homewares sections in thrift shops for old, cheap frames. Frame shops also sometime have discount bins you can dig through for a good find.



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