Labor Day whites, end of summer blues

laborday-santacruz_6 laborday-santacruz_11 laborday-santacruz laborday-santacruz_4

Last weekend, Jacob and I (and everyone, and their mother, and their kitchen sink) drove down the coast to Santa Cruz to spend Labor Day weekend as it is best intended to be spent – on the beach, in great leisure. For many, this weekend heralds the last hurrah of summer – and the last time it is fully acceptable to wear white (whatever, fashion rule-makers.) As it turns out, Northern California has its own set of ideas about the weather this time of year, as evidenced by the veritable sauna I took my class in yesterday afternoon. Although the weather may stick around here for a while longer, it is not long now until shops start putting out their Thanksgiving (nay, Christmas!) window displays, and appealing to our every season-specific desires – dare I say pumpkin spice – like marketing calendar clockwork.

Anyway, my point is to soak up the last of summer’s offerings and the great outdoors before you black-in to ordering chunky knit infinity scarves and pumpkin spice yankee candles from Amazon with no idea how it is suddenly Fall. Per usual, Jacob turned into my photographic guinea pig in Santa Cruz. I’d say he did a pretty bang-up job but then again I’m probably biased.

Happy end-of-summer-ing, and as always – if you like it ↑ give it a follow on



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