Glamping in Napa Valley

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Valerie Thompson Photography


For somebody who lives so close to one of the finest wine regions in the world, it’s sort of a crime to have not spent a weekend in Napa Valley. I grew up close to another world renowned wine region in Australia, and so wine – and the making of it – has a special place in my heart. A stay in Napa can quickly add up, so it made sense to go camping and have more to spend more on tastings, which run from about $20 and up (I was originally quite surprised to hear about the tasting fees incumbent upon a trip to most Northern California wineries. Most tasting rooms in Australia still offer complimentary tastings.)

Jacob and I headed up for Valentine’s weekend and we stayed in a yurt – a sort of circular tent cabin – which was nice because it stayed quite warm. It gets pretty cold when the sun goes down, and this girl has spent one too many nights shivering in a tent counting down the hours until sunrise. Although Napa really isn’t synonymous with camping, we weren’t really going for the typical indulgent experience. Plus I don’t know how much more indulgent you can really get than front-row seats to a starry night sky and campfire s’mores, to be honest. I’m a girl of simple pleasures.

The weekend was well spent hiking, biking and imbibing our way through the valley, and although it is technically off season right now because there’s nothing on the vines, the whole valley was filled with a sea of yellow mustard flowers that were really quite spectacular.


Stay golden,




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