New Skills


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So, I recently learned how to code using HTML and CSS. For some of you, this might bring back memories of the MySpace days when we were all amateur coders because you had to have the perfect tiled background image to get your MySpace page looking fly, duh. I will admit to having a MySpace, but sadly I was never hip to the whole diy HTML thing. So, for me, learning even such a simple coding language as basic HTML was pretty cool….and now I can’t stop. Seriously.

For a while now, I have been frustrated with the limitations of pre-fabricated templates on hosting sites, and I always find myself wanting to just tweak little parts. I’m glad that I now have the skills to not only tweak, but to create entire webpages from the ground up. For a class assignment, I had to mock up a couple of linked interactive webpages – so I decided to build upon my pre-existing blog, and here’s what I came up with. I enjoyed the process so much that I have decided to give my existing blog a facelift, coming soon to a web browser near you.

Currently, the whole site is hosted on github at if you want to check it out.


Stay learnin’,



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