So lately I’ve been on a collage kick. I am in the process of making an altered book, so some of the work above is from that. I have recently dipped my toes into the medium, and damn there are a lot of people out there doing really cool work using collage!

I have a soft spot for vintage print imagery, so when I stumbled upon a treasure trove of National Geographic magazines from the 1950s for mere cents apiece, I couldn’t keep my hands off the scissors and glue. There’s something just so lighthearted and sometimes even comical about print material from the 1950s – although I’m sure they’ll be saying that about print media from 2016 in about 50 years. The whole commodification of leisure during the mid-century time period is fascinating… cross-country family vacations were far more commonly conducted via road travel than by air, and the advertisements largely reflect that.

Playing with scale is another fun aspect of working with found media; landscapes become repurposed and limbs become gigantesque. Collaging on top of postcards is a particular exercise in scale – and in patience…x-acto knifing tiny little individual fingers and leaves is not for the perennially impatient.

All for now,

Happy collaging.



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