Carolyn | Portrait Session





I am going to be completely honest. I have never worked with children before as a photographer, and for a long time the pressure of having a one-on-one portrait session with a child was probably only slightly less terrifying than the thought of shooting multiples of them together at one time. But consider me converted, because I think Carolyn was one of the most dynamic people to have posed for me. She also happens to be my little cousin, so it was wonderful to meet her and work with her (with the enormous help of her parents keeping her busy and bringing that gorgeous wicker children’s rocking chair) It is probably true that young children are too engrossed in the wonder of everything around them to worry about how they are looking – adults, I have noticed, tend to get caught up in their concern about how the image is going to come out, or how they will look in it – myself included. We have the little ones in our lives to thank for teaching us a number of important lessons.



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