Claire & Adam | Granada Theater Engagement



Ok. So the story of this engagement is pretty damn cute. As far as pulling out all the stops goes, this guy did his homework. This couple had their first date at a Drew Holcomb concert, and when Adam learned that the artist was returning to the Granada, he got on the phone to see if Drew would help him pull off an epic surprise proposal. Turns out, Drew is a pretty cool guy, because he agreed to give the couple a private acoustic performance of Claire’s favorite song to the darkened theater while Adam got down on one knee. The whole thing was a surprise, disguised by an invitation from a friend to pop in on Drew filming a music video in the Theater while Adam and Claire were in the area. Preeeeeetty romantic. Glad I got to be a fly on the wall and capture it all, sans popping out from hiding in the bushes this time.



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