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New Website + Instagram!



Hi folks,


It was about time I emerged out from the design rock I’ve been living under to do a little photo business. 2017 has been a great year for me as a photographer, and 2018 is only looking better from where I stand. I have thought a lot over the past several months about how to better myself both creatively, and as a business owner – and I have come to the conclusion that a lot of it comes first and foremost from being a decisive person. A wonderful opportunity that came from a friend gave me the assurance I needed that forward and upward was the right direction to go. Every day since then, I have been striving to make my freelance job look more and more like a business than a lemonade stand. Not to knock lemonade stands, but their bookkeeping practices are typically awful.

For someone who is still working on their confidence in wearing hats in public, this might all seem like a lot. And it is. But sometimes you just have to embrace the feeling that you can only go up from here, and that there is plenty more space to grow into.

This all being said, it’s probably pretty tough going without the support of friends and family. So if you feel the urge to support me in my endeavors, go take a look at my new website:

And follow me on Instagram:


If you’re wondering where all of my design and artwork went, fear not! I am breaking that out into a separate website – coming soon. I’m going to be honest and tell you all I’ve just got to figure out responsive web design first – it’s a new one for me, and apparently completely necessary when you’re coding a website from the ground up in 2017.

Stay golden, and stay posted…




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