Payge + Chris | Palm Springs Styled Shoot













OK, you guys. I actually went bananas trying to figure out which images to share from this shoot but I’ve managed to narrow it down to… these one million frames.

I cannot gush enough about how beautifully this shoot was put together by Anna and Heather at Wanderlust Photographers. Not only were there cacti and neon signs, but the florist (Sweetwater Botanicals) actually made a Protea CROWN and had bouquets with Banksia. It it made my little Aussie heart go pitter patter to see the Aussie and South African native florals represented.


Location: The Lumen Room | Florist: Olivia Sweet @ Sweetwater Botanicals | Dress: Bridal Boutique Lewisville | Invitations: The Paper Refinery | Tux: Zara | Pink Diamond Ring: Sam’s Fine Jewelry | Rentals: Coral Lane | Models: Payge and Chris Stevens | Cake: Heather Thompson

2 thoughts on “Payge + Chris | Palm Springs Styled Shoot

    • Thank you so much Heather! You are so kind! It helps that I have some pretty amazing photographers to look up to like your lovely self!


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