Mark + Elise | Moody Austin Greenhouse Engagement







Ok, this was a cool one. Mark and I are work friends from Dallas and he traveled on weekends to see Elise who is based in Austin. I was always hearing about this badass girlfriend of his, and after he proposed and I shot these engagement photos for them I finally got the chance to meet her and capture this session of them together. The two met as counselors at Sky Ranch (the summer camp) and honestly isn’t that the cutest thing ever? If you ask them each independently how they first met at camp, they’d both tell you something different, which is hilarious. Oh, summer camp. Elise has Zoe, her little adopted chihuahua mix, and so I told them to bring her along because why not and the lot of us had a really fun time frolicking around the property at the Sekrit Theater in Austin which is amazing (seriously, go).

I hope everyone enjoys these as much as I do – these two really brought out the best in me as a photographer I think. It’s going to be pretty hard to top this session!


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